Frosted vinyl for windows

Frosted vinyl for windows

Printing technology

UV, Solvent HR, UV flat


80 μ

Maximum width

160 cm

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size


frosted glass effect, self-adhesive

Intended use

On: shop windows, glass walls of an office building, doors, balustrades, balconies

Price from: 15,00 /pcs

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Frosted film is a self-adhesive window film in a milky colour. It has a matt finish and gives a frosted or sandblasted glass effect. We offer a variant with a thickness of 80μ and a maximum width of 160 cm. It is used for decorative purposes, advertising or adding a private touch to a public space.

Why is window film very popular?

The most important advantage of frosted film is its partial transparency (60%), which allows light to pass through, but does not allow you to see what is hidden on the other side. Thus, it does not reduce illumination but allows privacy. The window film is resistant to stretching and tearing, so it can be easily applied either in one piece or cut to any desired shape, e.g. stripes, circles. The print on it looks attractive for longer, as it is not susceptible to weathering and is not damaged by mild chemicals.

Where is it worth using frosted film?

Frosted window film is suitable wherever you want privacy, original and elegant advertising or decoration. Due to its resistance to water, UV radiation and significant temperature differences, it can be applied not only indoors, but also outdoors. You can apply it from any side on: shop windows, glass walls of an office building, doors, balustrades, balconies. Frosted foil is also an excellent solution in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s surgeries. It will also allow you to separate space in massage or beauty salons.

How do I create an attractive print on foil?

Before you design a motif for the foil, familiarise yourself with the specifications for preparing the file for printing. One of the most important aspects is to maintain a safe area, in this case 1 cm all around. Remember that window film is milky, and the base colour of the material affects the appearance of the print. If you want saturated colours, it is advisable to use a white sub-print. It’s not just the colour that attracts attention, but also the shape. In case you do not want to fully cover the glass and the foil is of a decorative or advertising nature, think of an original shape that will catch the eye, e.g. stripes, company logo. Printing and a surprising form are not the only solutions. We also offer plotting, in which case we cut any text or shape into the foil.

How do I order window film from Labo Print?

If you have any questions about printing or if you would like to make a purchase, contact us in any way you like: by email, through the form on the website, by phone. Are you also interested in other films from our range? We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable solution.