Mesh eco

Eco banner

Intended use

for banners, indoor advertising, large-format advertising, often used on buildings during renovation, short-term outdoor advertising


220 g/m²

Printing technology


Maximum material width

3,20 m


no PVC additives, recyclable

Price from: 12,30 /pcs

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Mesh Eco is a 220 gr/m² material. The material is free of PVC additives, so it is eco-friendly and recyclable. By choosing to carry out your project on Eco Mesh, you will take care of the environment and reduce the amount of harmful waste after your advertising campaign. It’s also a great idea to promote an environmentally conscious attitude in all your projects, including your company’s promotional ones.

What technology is used to print Mesh Eco nets?

Mesh Eco nets are printed using latex technology. This is based on water-based inks, which are environmentally friendly and have no harmful substances. The inks are odourless, which means that the nets can be installed indoors as soon as the print is received. The print quality is characterised by excellent colour and detail reproduction.

Where can Mesh Eco be used?

Mesh Eco nets, like standard mesh nets, have a perforated – holed structure. This structure is particularly important when displaying the print in windy areas. Gusts of wind pass freely through the structure of the material without damaging it. In addition, the perforated structure is of great importance when deciding to produce a very large advertisement. The lower own weight of the material is very important, as it does not weigh heavily on the façade or structure on which it is displayed.

Where is Mesh Eco used?

Mesh Eco nets have a wide range of possible uses. Like standard mesh nets, they can be used indoors and outdoors. The material is becoming increasingly popular for election campaigning. Candidates displaying a pro-environmental stance are keen to communicate at their election meetings that their campaign is being conducted with all due care for the environment. Like mesh nets, Mesh Eco nets are used to print banners presented on fences, building facades and scaffolding.