Mesh flag

Polyester mesh


115 g/m²

Printing technology


Print resolution

1200 dpi

Maximum material width

3,10 m

Material attestation


Finish of material

cut to size, sewn in reinforcing tape + eyelets, sewn in reinforcing tape + hooks, stitched edges, tunel with rope


air permeable, economical, for windy areas, light

Price from: 5,50 /m2

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Finishes available

Mesh flag - Cut to size Cut to size
Mesh flag - Stitched edges Stitched edges
Mesh flag - Sewn in reinforcing tape + eyelets Sewn in reinforcing tape + eyelets
Mesh flag - Sewn in reinforcing tape + hooks Sewn in reinforcing tape + hooks
Mesh flag - Tunel with rope Tunel with rope
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Mesh flag material is an alternative material used with 115g polyester. It is used for displays in areas where it is very windy. The fabric has an additional perforation in its structure, which facilitates the passage of wind, making it more resistant to damage from gusts of air. Prints made on this material are used on advertising flagpoles and beach flag systems.

Advertising flag and mesh flag banner

The fabric is printed on using sublimation technology. The graphic design printed on Mesh Flag material has high colour saturation and is durable. Advertising flags made on Mesh Flags fly freely in the wind and therefore catch the eye of potential customers. This type of material is also used to print promotional and informational graphics for event barriers. In addition, the perforated structure of the fabric allows the wind to pass through more freely, making the structure of the carrier less vulnerable to additional stress. Mesh flag material can be used both outdoors and indoors. The product has a B1 flame retardant certificate, which guarantees compliance with DIN 4102 safety standards. The material is therefore a popular choice for prints presented at trade fairs or events.

Advertising flag and banner – finishing variants

When selecting the finishing variant of the material, the place and method of exposure and the size of the target graphic should be taken into account first and foremost. The construction of the carrier influences the way the graphic is attached. The basic and most frequently selected method of finishing is cutting to size, finishing used for mounting flags on advertising masts and sewing in a reinforcing strip with eyelets. We encourage you to contact our sales department in order to obtain a quotation and additional product information.