Polyester eco 210

Eco polyester

Intended use

Advertising that is not illuminated in ZEN systems, beachflags, cube-x, flag banner, standard flag


210 g/m²

Printing technology




Maximum material width

3,2 m


Lightness, low print permeability

Price from: 10,15 /pcs

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Eco polyester is made of recycled materials. It is an environmentally friendly version of standard polyester. The fabric does not contain any PVC.

Eco polyester with ecological print

Eco polyester can be customised with individual print in CMYK colours. For this purpose, we apply sublimation. The print on the fabric slightly shows on the other side. Polyester can hold images, text, and logos. Every theme will display excellently reconstructed details and living colours, which means that eco polyester makes for an excellent ecological fabric with marketing print. The attractive message will also make the area nicer.

Ecological eco polyester as an advertising material

The ecologically friendly eco polyester is an alternative for products involving polyester containing PVC. The eco material has almost the same properties as the non-eco version. The difference is their durability. When there is no PVC, it can be recycled or utilised, which means that the ecological eco polyester is naturally less durable and better suited for short-term displays. When used indoors, it will last longer than when used outdoors. Outdoor presentations should only be momentary. The ecologically friendly eco polyester is perfect for textile walls like Europa, Cube-X foam seat covers, flag banners, and non-backlit ZEN aluminium frames. We use the fabric to make larger advertising formats as well as it is very light and does not burden the structure too much.

Eco polyester as an interchangeable printed fabric

Advertising products made of ecological materials are perfect for interior arrangements. Cube-X are seats designed for service points, stores, offices, waiting rooms, leisure zones, fairs, and events. You can use them to design your space e.g. eco festivals. Eco polyester – in the form of textile walls or materials installed on aluminium frames – is the perfect advertising carrier for stores, as decoration at parties, or background during conferences. All versions of ecological printed fabrics can be interchangeable. When your marketing campaign is over, you can order another customised eco polyester. Using a recyclable material solves the problem of utilising disposable advertising products.