Cast foil

Stickers for car

Printing technology

latex, Solvent HR


50/70 μ

Print resolution

1440 dpi

Maximum material width

1,52 m

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size


excellent tensile properties

Intended use

surfaces with large embossing

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Cast foil – Stickers for car – ideal for irregular shapes

Cast film, also known as car film, is a material dedicated to wrapping complex surfaces. It is one of the most technologically advanced films available on the market. It is ideal for irregular shapes, as it can be perfectly shaped using temperature. Resetting the film’s memory during application means that it can be repositioned many times, which is particularly important for surfaces that are difficult to wrap. Stickers for car has excellent tensile properties and is therefore ideal for car wrapping. It is used for surfaces with embossing, indentations and curves.

Car wrap – stickers for car – effective advertising

The application of the film is not simple and should be done by experienced professionals with the appropriate equipment and tools. The design of the car wrap must be prepared to perfectly match the shape of the car. A properly wrapped car will surely reach many recipients with its advertising message. Impressive graphics on the car attract the eye and attention of many potential customers. Car film is easy to form. In addition, it is durable and resistant to the negative effects of sunlight, wind and moisture. Its average durability after lamination is estimated at 10 years. The laminate on the graphic protects the print on it from external atmospheric influences. Car film comes with different types of adhesive, the most common being permanent, adhesive or channelled.

Stickers for car – the most common applications:

  • for wrapping cars that have many indentations and irregularities;
  • for full-surface advertising on vehicles;
  • for changing the colour of the whole car;
  • for advertising with irregular surfaces.

Printed stickers for car

We print stickers for car using solvent technology. The print on the cast film should always be protected with an additional car laminate so that it looks great for many years.