Roll-up Kaze

Roll up banner

Set includes

bag, cassette, mast, printout with customised graphics




Blockout 440g/m², Roll-up foil

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent HR

Finish of material

winding the material on the cassette roll + finishing with a stiffening strip


sliding the graphic out from the inside of the aluminum cassette, resting it on a pole which is included in the set

Intended use

During conferences and trade fairs, as well as short public appearances, as a permanent fixture in a retail or service outlet – where the décor cannot be changed

Roll-up Kaze available in our offer

Roll-up Kaze 85 x 200 cm

Roll-up Kaze 85x200 - Labo Print
Visible graphics format

85,00 x 200,00 cm

Size after packaging

26,00 x 10,00 x 96,00 cm

Weight + print-out

6,60 kg

Price from: 81,00 /pcs

Roll-up Kaze 100 x 200 cm

Roll-up Kaze 100x200 - Labo Print
Visible graphics format

100,00 x 200,00 cm

Size after packaging

26,00 x 10,00 x 111,00 cm

Weight + print-out

7,50 kg

Price from: 96,00 /pcs

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Roll up banner – for demanding customers

Roll up banner is an elegant and durable model of a very popular advertising medium. It has a different shape than the Suna and Mizu roll-up systems; its cassette is teardrop-shaped. The structure is very stable thanks to a wide base with 4-point regulation, therefore the roll-up is very useful where there is a lot of visitor traffic – at fairs and conferences. It is the most elegant product among the roll up systems available in our offer. The print placed on it presents itself elegant and attracts the eyes of passing people. Roll up banner is a design for special tasks:

  • it has an adjustable teardrop-shaped base;
  • a large advertising area for the graphics displayed on it;
  • a sturdy carry bag;
  • a solid mast to stabilise the entire structure.

Roll up banner – advertising with well-chosen graphics

The most important element of any system is the printout that is presented on it. In our offer we have two options of materials available – Roll up foil and Blockout 440g. Each material looks great after printing – beautiful colours, sharpness of individual elements and fonts, precise tonal transitions. Blockout 440g is used when we want the light from behind not to shine through the material or Roll up foil, thanks to its matt finish, prevents reflections on the surface. When preparing graphics for Roll up banner advertising, there are several things to remember:

  • the message presented on the graphics used in the roll up must be clear and adapted to the target group;
  • on the graphic should be placed logo; used colours should be associated with the promoted companys;
  • the size of the portable advertising system should be adjusted to the exhibition space;
  • logos and texts should be placed at an appropriate distance from the edge;
  • QR codes should be placed at eye level so that they are easy to scan.

Roll up banner – versatile advertising

Roll up Kaze is the sturdiest and most elegant of this type of system, which is sure to be used at many trade fair events, training courses or presentations. The roll up – advertisement solution is perfect for presenting the most important and relevant information concerning our product or service. Due to its low price in comparison with exhibition walls, roll up advertising system is a frequently chosen solution. Its additional advantage is that it is easy to use and assemble.