Plexiglass board

Printing on plexiglass


clear, milky

Board format

2,03 x 3,05 m, 2,05 m x 3,05 m

Printing technology


Intended use

illuminated advertisement, spatial letters, walls in sanitary and kitchen areas


Can be printed with white subprint

Important information

The price is the average price per material, please contact our sales department for a quote, Clear Plexiglas 2 mm, 8 mm, Milky Plexiglas 2 mm, 4 mm – order from 50 m2

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Plexiglas sheets available in our range

Clear Plexiglas

Transparent sheet, which is characterised by high transparency in visible light - 92%. It is used as an alternative material to glass, but unlike glass, it does not have a tint and therefore does not distort the colour of light. In addition, reflections on Plexiglas are significantly reduced. We have boards with dimensions of 2.05 x 3.05 m, in thicknesses of: 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm

Milky Plexiglas

A board - with dimensions of 2.03 x 3.05 m - characterised by its milky colour. Depending on the thickness, it has different levels of transparency. 2 mm Plexiglas: 33%, 3 mm: 33-35%, 4 mm: 35-38%, 5 mm: 35-38%.

Properties of the board – why choose printing on Plexiglass?

Plexiglas sheets are made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), they also appear under the names: Plexa, Plexiglas or organic glass. We offer extruded Plexiglas sheets in clear and milk variants.
Thanks to its properties, it is one of the most popular materials used in advertising, construction, architecture or industry.

  • Plexiglas is half as light as glass, flexible, durable and also less expensive.
  • In addition, it is characterised by its load bearing capacity, resistance to weather conditions or high temperatures – up to 70°C. This is especially important for outdoor display.
  • Neither the board itself nor the print on it will turn yellow under UV light.
  • In addition to personalisation of the motif, we can also offer individual shape adjustments, as the board can be machined (milling, cutting, engraving – clear variant).
  • It has a high acoustic insulation capacity, which increases the possibility of applications in the construction industry.
  • PMMA board is not damaged by contact with sensitive, non-alcoholic substances and compounds.
  • It is non-toxic and easy to keep clean, and is approved for food contact.

Where can prints made on Plexiglass be used?

Our offer includes both boards with and without UV print (in UV technology). Plexiglass can be used for e.g:

  • filling of fair stands, balconies, balustrades, shop windows
  • illuminated advertising: light boxes, spatial letters, signs
  • glazing for doors and bus stops
  • roofing e.g. shelters, passages
  • acoustic barriers
  • machine guards
  • anti-bacterial desk screens
  • Partitions, e.g. in sanitary and kitchen areas
  • Checkout counter partitions
  • shower enclosures
  • decorative elements (frames, anti-frames, etc.).

What should be considered when designing graphics on Plexiglas?

Our boards belong to semi-transparent materials, therefore direct printing on Plexiglass will also be characterised by a certain degree of transparency. On the clear variant, we will achieve a stained glass effect, with the motif breaking through to the other side. In the case of the milky option, the graphic will show through to a lesser extent, and in addition the colours will be slightly blurred.
If you are looking for more saturated colours, we can offer the use of a white overprint, in which case the graphic will be clearer. At the same time, there will be less transfer of motifs to the other side of the board.
The overprint will be necessary if your design contains white elements and is made on clear Plexiglas. With the milky variant, this is not necessary if you do not want a high level of white.
In the case of black, the level of saturation depends on what components you write into the design. You can achieve a clear print on Plexiglas by setting parameters such as: C:50, M:50, Y:50, K:100.
When creating graphics, be sure to read the specifications for preparing files for printing.

Order Plexiglass quickly and conveniently

If you would like to order Plexiglass, feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. Need a quote? Write to us, we will try to send you a calculation as soon as possible.

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