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Available products

sun sail

A sun sail that can be attached to existing elements. No additional poles or frames are needed to mount it. The shape of the sail is slightly curved to ensure even tension during installation. It is ideal for use in a restaurant garden, on a terrace or in the garden.

sun sail

Protects from the sun, does not block the air flow and is additionally an elegant decoration of the space. It has a prestigious and modern look. Great to be used: at the car dealer, at the amusement park, at the campsite. It can be easily attached to existing structures.

sun sail

Protects from the sun and, depending on the material selected, can protect from rain. This type of sun sail is appreciated for its universal shape and its adaptability to many locations. It is great for terraces, balconies, swimming pools or catering gardens.

Roman sail shade
and gazebo stips

Roman and gazebo strips are a solution used on pergolas, gazebos and balconies. They are installed on the transverse beams of the structure. They protect from intense sun and light rain. This solution will give any place a modern and elegant character. The strips are sewn from strong, impregnated fabric.


Terrace curtains are perfect for verandas, gazebos, terraces or pergolas. By covering them, you can perfectly separate yourself from the surroundings. The curtain additionally protects against rain and wind, and gently shades the space. It adds charm and lightness to the structures on which it is installed.

roman blinds

Roman blinds are a product frequently used on garden and terrace structures. Their great advantage is that they can be freely rolled up and down, allowing us to adjust the level of shading according to our expectations and weather conditions. The material used has an additional impregnation, protecting it from light rain.

sun sail

The sliding sunshade sail is the perfect solution for developing a place to relax on hot and sunny days. This canopy can be closed and opened depending on the current weather conditions. Its construction is based on steel cables on which the shade fabric is installed. The fabric of the sunshade sail is impregnated to protect it from light rain.


Balcony shades are a practical solution that, when installed on the balcony railings, protects from the sight of uninvited people. In addition, it provides shade and protects against wind, rain and dust. Balcony screens can be easily installed and removed. In addition to their practical functions, they are also a decorative element of the space. Appropriately selected graphics can change the space of our balcony and give it a unique character.

Wide range of fabrics, shapes and applied solutions for sun sails

The sun sails we offer differ of the material they are made of, the shape and the design solution used. HDPE is a very strong material with a weight of 285 g/m², providing 95% shading. This material is recommended for sails to be placed in public spaces and where the best possible shading is required. HDPE is primarily used for triangular, square and rectangular sun sails.
Premium Decor is a very strong material with a weight of 200g/m². It provides almost 100% shade and its surface is impregnated, so it will effectively protect against rain. The standard colours available in our range are white, beige, grey and green, but we are able to make products in any colour and with any graphics. We use this fabric most frequently for the production of roman strips, gazebo strips, roman terrace roller blinds, sliding sails, balcony covers and triangular, square and rectangular sun blinds.

Corner-mounted sail

Triangular, square and rectangular sun sails are versatile, practical and good-looking. They are installed by fitting their corners to existing structures. The ease of installation and attractive price of this range of products makes them very popular and available to almost everyone. They can be used at trade fairs, music festivals, in a spa centre, in the garden, on a terrace or balcony, or in playgrounds. A sunshade sail installed by the swimming pool will ensure safe relaxation by the water, protecting from the intense sun. In addition to the products presented in our offer, we are able to realise orders according to the expectations of our customers. We are not limited by shape or form of installation. We are able to produce orders according to customer needs.

Sun protection sail made of Premium Decor fabric

Another material used in the manufacture of sun sails is Premium Decor. This very strong fabric has a weight of 200g/m². It gives almost 100% shading. It is impregnated, so it will effectively protect against rain. The available colours are: white, beige, grey and green. Premium Decor is the material we use for our roman strips. Installation of the roman strips is quick and easy. Other products that we make from Premium Decor material are: gazebo strips, roman terrace blinds, sliding sails, balcony covers and triangular, square and rectangular sun sails.