Aluminium frame ZEN Simple

Fabric tension frames

Intended use

wall frames

Thickness of the profile

2,6 cm

Profile weight

0,825 kg/rm


aluminium profile


Blackback, Polyester 210 g/m²

Frame colour

standard – silver anodized, RAL Classic colour palette – for an extra charge

Set includes

Profile, connectors, stabilising profile with connectors (applies to 3.0 x 2.0 m and larger formats)

Finish of material

Silicone keder 14 x 3 mm


easy installation, quick graphics replacement, reusable design

Example prices for aluminium frames ZEN Simple

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple 80 x 100 cm

Fabric tension frames ZEN Simple 80x100 - Labo Print

80 x 100 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


4 kg

Price from: 80,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple 100 x 100 cm

Fabric tension frames ZEN Simple 100x100 - Labo Print

100 x 100 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


4 kg

Price from: 88,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple 100 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple - 100x200 - Labo Print

100 x 200 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


6,00 kg

Price from: 125,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple 200 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple - 200x200 - Labo Print

200 x 200 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


8 kg

Price from: 170,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple 300 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Simple 300x200 - Labo Print

300 x 200 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


12 kg

Price from: 234,00 /pcs

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ZEN Simple fabric tension frames with advertising and decorative graphics

ZEN Simple fabric tension frames are a popular system for tensioning fabric with printed advertising or decorative graphics. They prove useful wherever we want to present any graphic message in an aesthetic form. The system, consisting of aluminium profiles and a printout trimmed with silicone tape, allows for perfect tensioning of the printout on the frame. Once assembled, the frame together with the graphic can be hung on the wall like a standard picture. In the end, the profile of the frame is mainly visible from the side, while from the front it is not noticeable edge.

What do our ZEN fabric tension frames consist of?

The popular fabric tension frames, or aluminium frames ZEN Simple version, consist primarily of aluminium profiles with a depth of 26 mm and a print on textile material trimmed with silicone keder stripe. The print material is fully replaceable without having to dismantle the frame. ZEN aluminium profiles are anodised. Graphics are usually printed on 210 g/m2 polyester material, but other materials can be selected on request. The printed material is trimmed with a 14 x 3 mm silicone keder stripe, which is used to fix the print to the frame.

How are ZEN Simple fabric tension frames assembled?

The assembly of fabric tension frame is very simple. The number of steps to be carried out basically depends on the size of the frame. When ordering the alluframes, you receive from us a high-quality print on fabric, trimmed with silicone keder stripe, properly cut aluminium profiles and angle mounting brackets to connect the sides. However, the ZEN Simple alluframes can be of any size but due to limitations in the available profile lengths and also in their transport, can be delivered in parts. Therefore, depending on the size of the frame, profile connectors and reinforcing profiles are supplied together with the profiles and angles to ensure that the frame is stable and the material is perfectly tensioned. The assembly process of the ZEN Simple fabric tension frames consists of connecting the profiles together with the connectors and angles using an Allen key. Please note that if stabilising profiles are included, they must be fitted before the entire frame is connected. The graphics are mounted to the assembled frame by inserting the edges of the material into a special slot in the profiles of which the frame is made, and that’s it. The frame with the graphic applied can be hung anywhere on the wall or even suspended from the ceiling.

Wide range of applications for ZEN aluminium fabric tension frames

ZEN fabric tension frames are used primarily indoors for advertising and decorative purposes. They provide an aesthetically pleasing presentation of an advertising message or decorative graphic printed on a textile material that is perfectly stretched on the frame. Aluminium fabric tension frames will certainly prove their worth in the interiors of beauty salons, in shop windows or as part of the design of trade show and promotional stands. In cafés or restaurants, they will make it possible to arrange atmospheric space. In training rooms, they allow motivational slogans and information on proper training to be displayed on removable graphics. In hotel spaces, they are decorative and help to quickly change the interior design. The use of aluminium frames is very wide, it all depends on the occasion, needs, conditions and industry.