Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100

Backlit tension fabric displays

Intended use

an alternative to indoor coffers, illuminated wall frame

Thickness of the profile

10 cm

Profile weight

1,550 kg/rm


aluminium profile


backlit polyester, Lightbox, Samba

Frame colour

RAL Classic colour palette – for an extra charge, silver anodized

Set includes

cable with plug, transformers, connectors, profile with LED lighting, stabilising profile with connectors (applies to 1.0 x 2.5 m and larger formats)

Type of backlighting


Finish of material

Silicone keder 14 x 3 mm


easy installation, quick graphics replacement, reusable design

Example prices for aluminium frames ZEN Backlight 100

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 – 80 x 100 cm

Backlit tension fabric displays 80x100 - Labo Print

80 x 100 cm


backlit polyester


8 kg

Price from: 221,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 – 100 x 100 cm

Backlit tension fabric displays 100x100 - Labo Print

100 x 100 cm


backlit polyester


8 kg

Price from: 233,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 – 100 x 150 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 - 100x150 - Labo Print

100 x 150 cm


backlit polyester


11 kg

Price from: 302,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 – 100 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 -100x200 - Labo Print

100 x 200 cm


backlit polyester


13 kg

Price from: 393,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 – 100 x 250 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 100 - 100 x 250 cm

100 x 250 cm


backlit polyester


16 kg

Price from: 475,00 /pcs

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ZEN Backlight 100 backlit tension fabric displays for interiors

The ZEN backlit 100 tension fabric display is a popular illuminated aluminium light box with advertising or decorative graphics printed on textile. Due to the fact that the print is made on fabric, this type of light box is recommended for indoor use. They look great hanging on the wall, draw attention to the message on them and decorate the interior at the same time. The ZEN illuminated display can also be placed as a free-standing system, but then it is worth choosing a double-sided model available in our offer: ZEN Backlight Double.

Backlit tension fabric displays 100 with personalised graphics and backlighting

Backlit tension fabric displays are perfect intended to highlight an element or area, in case of ZEN frames an advertising or decorative graphic. In our frames, we usually use LED edge lighting, which perfectly illuminates the graphic. This type of lighting does not require the installation of any additional panels, making both the transport and installation of the entire frame hassle-free. The lighting is mounted inside the frame, along its edges. In the case of large-size projects, we individually select the lighting system to achieve the ideal effect of illuminating the printout. In addition to the lighting, our backlit tension fabric displays are also distinguished by personalised graphics printed on material designed for backlighting. What does this mean? It means that we can print whatever you want on it, all you have to do is provide us a file with your graphics. You can use the frame as a typically decorative element and place a simple photo, texture, drawing etc. on the graphic, but you can also use it to advertise a company or a specific brand. Skilfully prepared graphics will combine both functions: advertising and decorative.

Components and assembly of backlit 100 tension fabric displays

The ZEN backlit tension fabric displays is supplied with your graphic printed on textile material, trimmed with keder silicone tape. This type of fabric finish allows the graphic to be placed in the frame very easily. The frame itself is made up of 100 mm deep aluminium profiles, which are fitted together using the supplied mounting angle brackets and Allen key. If the sides of the frame are longer than 2 m, they are divided into smaller sections. Inside the frame, LED lights are mounted along its edges. Is assembled frame the printout with the graphic is placed on it by sliding its edges into a special slot made in the profiles. The whole thing can be successfully hung on any wall.

Where will the ZEN Backlight 100 aluminium panel work?

The use of internal aluminium displays is very wide. Due to their aesthetic and modern look and the possibility of placing any graphics on them, they fit into practically any interior. Regardless of whether you use them as decorative elements or an advertising message, they will prove their worth in shops, galleries, service outlets, etc. They will perfectly complement the décor of a hairdressing salon, beauty salon or SPA studio. They will make it possible to present important information in hotels, restaurants, cafés and medical practices. These are just a few examples of the use of illuminated aluminium frames; you can order them from us in any size, with any graphic design and use them where you need them.