Aluminium frame ZEN Basic

Aluminium fabric frame

Intended use

ceiling frames, for multipoint wall mounting, large formats, wall frames

Thickness of the profile

2 cm

Profile weight

0,333 kg/rm


aluminium profile


Blackback, Polyester 210 g/m²

Frame colour

standard – silver anodized, RAL Classic colour palette – for an extra charge

Set includes

profile, connectors

Finish of material

Silicone keder 14 x 3 mm


easy installation, quick graphics replacement, reusable design

Example prices for aluminium frames ZEN Basic

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic 80 x 100 cm

Aluminium fabric frame Basic ZEN 80x100 - Labo Print

80 x 100 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


2 kg

Price from: 42,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic 100 x 100 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic - 100x100 - Labo Print

100 x 100 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


2 kg

Price from: 46,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic 100 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic - 100x200 - Labo Print

100 x 200 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


3 kg

Price from: 65,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic 200 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic 200x200 - Labo Print

200 x 200 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


5 kg

Price from: 94,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic 300 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Basic 300x200 - Labo Print

300 x 200 cm


Polyester 210 g/m²


6,00 kg

Price from: 122,00 /pcs

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Aluminium fabric frame- ZEN Basic – aluminium profile mounted to the wall with your graphic

Aluminium fabric frame ZEN available in our range are modern systems for displaying textiles with printed graphics. You may also encounter the names of these systems, i.e. aluminium frames for fabric tensioning or frames for textile prints. They are primarily used to display advertising messages or decorative graphics indoors on walls. It is worth noting that we are talking here about graphics printed on textile materials, i.e. various types of fabric, such as 210 g/m2 polyester.

20 mm aluminium profile ZEN for wall frames

Aluminium fabric frame ZEN are based on a 20 mm deep anodised aluminium profile and connecting components. The profiles can be used to create frames of any size, from small decorative frames to large frames with advertising graphics, e.g. for an entire wall. Holes are drilled in the profiles at selected distances to allow them to be fitted to the wall. What distinguishes the aluminium profile used for ZEN Basic frames? It has a special slot, which is used to easily mount graphics printed on textile, which can also be changed at any time.

Assembly of aluminium fabric frame ZEN and print

The aluminium fabric frame system we supply consists of appropriately cut profiles and angles and printed graphics trimmed with silicone keder tape. Optionally, depending on the size of the frame, larger sizes require connectors to join the parts together. Our ZEN Basic frames are frames which are mounted directly to the wall. What does this mean? The entire system – the frames – must first be directly assembled on the wall and then must the graphics be fixed. First we need to assembling the profiles with connectors, angle mounting brackets and an Allen key, and then fixing the whole system to the wall with screws or wall plugs, using the holes made in the profiles. When ordering a frame, please note that we can make the holes at any distance on request. Only after the frame has been mounted to the wall the printed material can be mounted. The keder stripe sewn to the edge of the print simply slides into a special slot in the profile. The applied graphic can be removed and replaced at any time, without having to dismantle the frame.

Application of ZEN Basic aluminium fabric frame

ZEN aluminium fabric frame is a modern system for the presentation of graphics printed on fabric. The system should be correct dimensioning to ensure perfect tension of the print on the frame and an aesthetically pleasing appearance at the same time. The aluminium fabric frame with a depth of 20 mm, from which we make ZEN Basic frames, is suitable for mounting to practically any wall, wherever it is made of. The graphics that we print on the fabric can be freely designed, which is why ZEN Basic frames are suitable both as an advertising medium and as an element of decoration and interior design. The system can be the size of an entire wall or have the format of smaller pictures. In fact, this type of printed aluminium frame can be used in any space. Fabric tensioning systems will certainly work well in all kinds of beauty and hairdressing salons, pubs, restaurants, shops, and also in office spaces. Wherever we want to aesthetically present a company’s advertisement or simply decorate an interior. The ability to change graphics at any time makes this system convenient and versatile.