Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight Double 120


Intended use

as suspended elements, illuminated partition wall, possibility to put two layers of material – 3D effect, screen

Thickness of the profile

12 cm

Profile weight

2,02 kg/mb


aluminium profile


backlit polyester, Lightbox, Samba

Frame colour

RAL Classic colour palette – for an extra charge, silver anodized

Set includes

cable with plug, stabilising feet, transformers, connectors, profile with LED lighting, stabilising profile with connectors (applies to 1.0 x 2.5 m and larger formats)

Finish of material

Silicone keder 14 x 3 mm


easy installation, quick graphics replacement, reusable design

Example prices for aluminium frames ZEN Backlight Double 120

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight Double 120 100 x 200 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight Double 100 x 200 cm - Labo Print

100 x 200 cm


backlit polyester


23 kg

Price from: 415,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight Double 120 100 x 250 cm

Aluprofil - Backlight Double 70x145 - Labo Print

100 x 250 cm


backlit polyester


28 kg

Price from: 507,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight Double 120 200 x 200 cm

ZEN Backlight Double 190 x 190 - Labo Print

200 x 200 cm


backlit polyester


32 kg

Price from: 520,00 /pcs

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight Double 120 200 x 250 cm

Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight Double 300x200 - Labo Print

200 x 250 cm


backlit polyester


38 kg

Price from: 633,00 /pcs

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Double-sided aluprofile backlit display for interiors

The ZEN Backlight Double aluprofi is a system constructed from aluminium profiles for the presentation of advertising and decorative graphics printed on textile material. This type of system also functions under names such as illuminated light box or fabric tension frame. This type of illuminated panel is used primarily in indoor areas. The interior design of interiors in which people interested in doing business with a particular company or using an offer are present directly influences their perception of the company or brand. It is therefore worth that the interior presents aesthetically and is consistent with the company’s image. On the one hand, the ZEN Backlight Double frames make it possible to complement the décor in terms of decoration, while at the same time you can present your advertising, promotional and image message on them in an elegant manner.

What makes our aluprofi ZEN Backlight Double stand out?

The illuminated aluprofi system ZEN Backlight Double offers many possibilities for the presentation of advertising and decorative graphics. What makes it stand out? Certainly the possibility of placing two separate graphics on either side of the frame. The frame is illuminated by led edge lighting mounted inside, thanks to which the graphics on both sides are visible and draw attention. It is worth mentioning that the illuminated light box presented here is free-standing and can be placed on any flat surface, but there is also an option to suspend the frame from the ceiling.

What does the ZEN Backlight Double aluprofi system consist of?

Our aluprofile frames are made from high-quality aluminium profiles in various depths. In the case of the ZEN Backlight Double, this is a 120 mm deep profile, which has special slots along the profile on both sides to allow for the installation of two graphic materials – one on each side. The large depth of the profile allows lighting to be mounted inside the frame. In case of special orders and very large frames, we adapt the method of lighting to individual needs. For ordered aluprofi frames we supply the angles and connectors necessary to assemble the profiles, the LED lighting and, in the case of larger frames, also the stabilising profiles. Depending on whether the frame is going to be suspended from the ceiling or is intended for standing, we can attach special feet or hooks. Of course, graphics printed on textile material and trimmed with silicone keder strip for easy mounting are also part of the set.

ZEN Backlight Double frames with personalised print on each side

ZEN aluprofi frames are generally used for the presentation of a graphic message of any content, which is printed on a fabric intended for backlighting. Anything can be printed on the fabric, from photographs, through collages, decorative textures to specially designed graphics with promotional slogans, brand advertising, instructional and motivational graphics, etc. What’s more, the illuminated light box can have any size and a different graphic on each side, which can be easily replaced at any time. This makes ZEN Backlight Double frames a versatile solution and finds its use in many industries as decorative elements, advertising media and even partitions.