Bean bags

Bean bags

Intended use

Seating, decoration, advertising carrier, perfect for homes, shopping centre leisure zones, cafes, urban gardens, or events

Print material

Decor 240 g/m²


styrofoam granulate

Printing technology




Set includes

inner lining, printed outer lining, styrofoam granulate


Cover equipped with a lock, personalized print, the cover can be replaced, the cover can be washed

Bean bags variants

Bean bag – small

Puf - Worek mały - Labo Print

55 x 55 x 114 cm


2,70 kg

Price from: 65,00 /pcs

Bean bag – large

Puf - Worek duży - Labo Print

70 x 70 x 145 cm


7 kg

Price from: 115,00 /pcs

Bean bag egg – small

Puf - Jajko małe - Labo Print

119 x 145 x 20 cm


4 kg

Price from: 75,00 /pcs

Bean bag egg – large

Puf - Jajko duże - Labo Print

150 x 180 x 20 cm


7 kg

Price from: 115,00 /pcs

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Bean bags are original and comfortable seats for home, office, leisure zones, brief periods outdoors during e.g. events or in outdoor sitting areas. Our offer includes seats in two shapes: bean bag and bean egg. Both versions come in small and large sizes.

Bean bags in selected sizes

Bean bags are composed of an inner and outer case. The inner case contains beans to ensure that the seat will adapt to its user. The used material offers water-resistant properties. The printed fabric is decor with grammage of 240g/m². The small – bag-shaped – seats come in the size of 55 x 55 x 114 cm while the large ones are 70 x 70 x 145 cm. The sizes of the bean egg are 119 cm x 145 cm x 20 cm for small and 150 x 180 x 20 cm for large. All inner cases are equipped with zippers, which means that the printed decor can be washed.

Bean bags with individual print

Bean bags are subject to personalisation with sublimation technology. This process involves heating up the material to turn the CMYK colours from solid to gas and back to solid. The print penetrates the decor layers to gain durability. We can apply any project, including an image or logo, on the seats, which means that they do not have to serve only as comfortable seats, but are pieces of decoration as well. Furthermore, they can be used for marketing purposes with appropriate graphics.

Bean bags as forms of decoration and advertisement

Through personalisation, the bean bags can be adapted to their surroundings. They will definitely look great in a child’s or teenager’s room and provide a little personality. In such instances, it is recommended to print hobby elements, animals, favourite themes, or characters from e.g. games, fairytales, or movies. If the bean bags are used to decorate the living room, we propose a stylish print. The seats can be used in service point waiting rooms, offices, play areas for kids in e.g. shopping centres, or cafes. This way, you can combine convenience with decoration. If you decide to print your corporate theme or logo, you will receive a subtle form of advertisement. The marketing product will definitely meet expectations e.g. during events, in outdoor areas, or hairdressing salons.

Bean bags – a solid seat

These pieces of furniture can be easily carried elsewhere as they are relatively light. The lightest product is the small bean bag, which weights 2.7 kg. The small bean egg weighs 4 kg and the remaining seats weigh 7 kg. Every product is made of sturdy materials and top quality print.