Polyester eco 115

Eco flags

Intended use

Advertising that is not illuminated in ZEN systems, beachflags, cube-x, flag banner, standard flag


115 g/m²

Printing technology




Maximum material width

3,20 m


Lightness, material that allows the graphics to show through almost 100% on the other side of the printout

Price from: 7,50 /pcs

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The 115 g/m² eco polyester is an environmentally friendly material. Contrary to regular polyester, it does not contain PVC. The fabric is recycled and may be recycled again following the end of your advertising campaign. This means that flags are also ecological.

Ecologically friendly eco flags

The material is customised with sublimation technology. The applied CMYK colours are saturated and the details are reconstructed excellently.

Eco flags – flags and beachflags

Eco flags provide almost 100% graphics visibility to the other side, which means that a mirror image is presented on the back. The light material flutters in the wind, which means that it presents itself beautifully and attracts attention. Eco flags are just as attractive as the non-ecological version. This is the perfect fabric for flags and beachflags. The advertising products made of this material can be used in shopping centres in places like store entrances or promotional product aisle ways and in hotel halls, near medical point reception desks, office corridors, pharmacies, or at fairs and conferences. Eco flags can also be displayed as outdoor beachflags during outdoor events and outside of corporate buildings, banks, service points, or food establishment entrances. The ecological fabric will do the trick everywhere not just because it is friendly to our planet, but also because it is very attractive to display.

PVC-free eco flags – material properties

As there is no PVC, the material is friendly to the environment. As it is recyclable, it is less durable than the non-ecological version. Eco flags are perfect for short-term campaigns. In light of the dynamic changes in the world of marketing, eco polyester 115 is a solution, which has no negative impact on its surroundings. As it is recyclable, the problem of storing or utilising advertising products is resolved.

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