Oppboga excellent indoor eco


Intended use

for manufacturing of displayers, packaging, suspended signs, POS, stands, markings, tags, and numerous other purposes


1100 g/m²

Printing technology

UV flat



Maximum size

3,00 x 1,50 m


the material can be successfully printed on both sides, made in 100% of virgin fibres – does not contain any scrap paper, snow white appearance, high durability, 100% recyclable

Important information

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Oppboga Excellent Indoor eco is a type of cardboard made of primal fibres. Thanks to its properties, it is suitable for repeatable processing. This is an eco alternative for synthetic boards. Oppboga does not include any scrap paper, which makes it a desired recycling material. This also helps ensure the spectacular snow-white appearance and durability of the cardboard.

Oppboga as an alternative for PVC boards

Oppboga is a fully ecological solution and an excellent alternative for PVC boards. It surpasses its synthetic counterparts not only because it is safer to the environment, but also because of its superior rigidity as well. It is also much lighter material than plastic, which considerably reduces the costs of transport.

Using Oppboga Excellent Indoor eco cardboard

Oppboga boards have a wide range of uses in manufacturing of displays, packaging, hanging boards, POS, stands, signs, hangers, and numerous other products. Thanks to the innovative design, Oppboga is exceptionally durable and resistant to water and humidity, which is why it has become very popular in numerous industries, including advertising and manufacturing. Our offer includes boards with thickness of 2 mm and grammage of 1100 g/m2. Thanks to its increased rigidity, a product this thin can easily replace PVC boards which are 3 mm thick.

High print quality on Oppboga boards

Oppboga cardboards with UV FLAT print offer excellent print quality, which makes them the perfect medium for high quality graphics and detailed images. The smooth surface and uniform structure of the product ensure high image contrast and sharpness to attract the attention of potential customers. The maximum size of a board, which can be printed, is 300 x 150 cm.

Extensive application of Oppboga cardboards

Oppboga cardboards are innovative materials, which can be used in numerous industries. Their durability and resilience make them perfect for manufacturing packaging and advertising media. They are easy to use and of high quality, thanks to which they are gaining popularity and are used with increasing frequency in various industries. Please see other environmentally friendly products in our offer.