Book wraps


corrugated cardboard

Printing technology

digital print, flexo, Offset

Sealing of the packaging

adhesive strip

Opening of the package

tear tape


quick to fold and close, suitable for parcel machines, the possibility of personalizing the package, versatile packaging

Important information

Minimum order – 10 pcs.

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Wrap-around carton – instant product packaging

The book wraps Rollbox (also known as a wrap-around carton) are versatile packaging that allows you to quickly prepare large quantities of products for shipping. All you need to do is place your product in the rollbox, fold it up, peel off the adhesive tape protection and it’s ready to go. The wrap cardboard box we supply has a glue strip on its inner side, which allows the box to be closed without the need for adhesive tape. The Rollbox is best suited for shipping books, computer games, CDs and DVDs.

The packed product adheres tightly to the cardboard box, so there is no need to additionally protect the product with foam or bubble wrap to fill the packaging. Thanks to the included tear strip, the package can be opened quickly and comfortably.

Book wraps are made of three-layer corrugated cardboard. This is a much more robust material than single-ply cardboard. The strong cardboard secures the product on its way to the customer and protects it from scratches, tears and other minor damage.

Book wraps from Labo Print

We offer 5 standard sizes of Rollbox packaging. The box capacity is matched to the parcel boxes.

  • Rollbox XS – internal dimensions: 210x150x60 mm,
  • Rollbox S – internal dimensions: 270x180x75 mm,
  • Rollbox M – internal dimensions: 300x210x90 mm,
  • Rollbox L – internal dimensions: 330x230x100 mm,
  • Rollbox XL – internal dimensions: 375x300x125 mm.

It is possible to carry out an order for book wraps Rollbox packaging in any size on customer’s request.

Personalised book wraps

Rollboxes are most often ordered in the non-printed option or with one colour – these are the most economical options. We print a specific colour using flexographic technology.

Book wraps can be stored flat, so you do not need a large warehouse space to store them.

If you have questions about ordering very large quantities of cartons or purchasing packaging in non-standard sizes, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors.

Simple to use and handy, the carton wrap is perfect for e-commerce sellers. When competition in the market is becoming more and more intense, it is very important to pack the product quickly and get it to the customer on time.

In addition, the safety of the product being shipped and the convenience of opening the parcel once it has reached the customer is also important. Book wraps save time, ensure a safe shipment and comfortable packing and unpacking.