Suitcase Boxes

Personalised cardboard box

Intended use

gift packaging, mailing marketing materials, unusual packaging for bedding, blankets, clothes, preserves

Printing technology

digital print


Corrugated cardboard, flute E


possibility of printing inside the box, practical, comfortable carrying handle

Important information

Minimum order – 10 pcs., Preparation of a prototype with individual customer graphics – EUR 5

Suitcase Boxes available in our offer

Small Eco Case

Small Eco Case - Labo Print - Printing house
Catalog number



0,27 kg

Internal dimensions

270 x 215 x 94 mm

Size after packaging

824 x 680 x 1,5 mm

Price from: 3,94 /pcs

Medium Eco Case

Medium Eco Case - Labo Print - Printing house
Catalog number



0,45 kg

Internal dimensions

380 x 280 x 110 mm

Size after packaging

1024 x 850 x 1,5 mm

Price from: 5,95 /pcs

Large Eco Case

Large Eco Case - Labo Print - Printing house
Catalog number



0,55 kg

Internal dimensions

420 x 330 x 120 mm

Size after packaging

1165 x 930 x 1,5 mm

Price from: 6,66 /pcs

Double close case

Package box Suitcase Double Close Case - Labo Print
Catalog number



0,55 kg

Internal dimensions

350 x 450 x 60 mm

Size after packaging

1711 x 619 x 1,50 mm

Price from: 7,36 /pcs

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Suitcase Box – practical and decorative gift box

The Suitcase Box is a suitcase-like box with a handle. The robust corrugated cardboard of the box protects the contents from damage and scratches. The decorative gift box is an attractive packaging that can be personalised as desired.

Decorative personalised cardboard box – the most common applications

The Suitcase Box has a wide range of uses. The Suitcase Box is ideal as tasteful packaging for products such as clothes, preserves or bedding sets. In addition, this packaging works well at trade fairs as a gift box for visitors or as a cardboard box for a set of product samples sent to customers.

Decorative gift box – Printed personalised cardboard box from 1 piece

The personalised cardboard box allows you to make your product stand out in the market. We are able to personalise each box as desired. Orders for the production of boxes with individual graphics are carried out from 1 piece. These boxes are very practical – the sturdy and comfortable handle makes them easy to carry. The box with handle protects the product and additionally provides advertising.

Printed personalised cardboard box

When designing the graphics for a decorative gift box, it is important to consider who the recipient of the message on the box will be. The graphics on the packaging can relate to the offer, present the logo or show current promotions. We print our gift box with handle using digital printing technology. The decorative gift box is made of corrugated cardboard and is additionally fitted with plastic or cardboard handles.

Personalised cardboard box from Labo Print

In our offer you will find the following personalised cardboard boxes:

Double Close Case

  • decorative gift box with double lid, so that the product is well protected;
  • cardboard box with a very large printing area;
  • box with a strong and comfortable plastic handle.

Eco Case

  • a box made entirely of cardboard, without any plastic parts;
  • cased with a cardboard latch for added protection against damage to products placed inside;
  • possible to prepare an additional printed insert.
  • Eco Case is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

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