Display Boxes

Branded cardboard boxes

Intended use

gift box, storage, transport and display of small products

Printing technology

UV, digital print


Corrugated cardboard, flute E


possibility of printing inside the box, practical drawer for products

Important information

Minimum order – 10 pcs.

Display Boxes available in our offer

Display One

Display One - Labo Print - Printing house
Catalog number



0,25 kg

Internal dimensions

190 x 140 x 250 mm

Size after packaging

655 x 450 x 4,50 mm

Price from: 3,42 /pcs

Display Two

Display Two - Labo Print - Printing house
Catalog number



0,13 kg

Internal dimensions

130 x 120 x 150 mm

Size after packaging

632 x 394 x 1,5 mm

Price from: 2,51 /pcs

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The branded cardboard boxes Display Box are a rectangular promotional boxes with a pull-out drawer. On the one hand, it is used to store products and protect them during transport; on the other, it allows for attractive display and acts as a decorative gift box. The Display Box is made of lightweight but sturdy E corrugated cardboard and is therefore an interesting packaging for small products. The practical drawer allows easy access to the contents, as you can open it with a single movement thanks to the cut-out on the front.

Use of the branded cardboard boxes Display Box – gift boxes and promotional packaging

Our branded cardboard boxes Display Boxes are popular because of their functionality and the fact that they can be freely printed.

With personalised graphics, you can create elegant gift boxes for your loved ones and business partners alike. The Display Box can be used to pack small sweets or personalised sweets, small promotional gadgets.

In addition to its decorative function, the Open Display Box can also be used as a display for placing on a lobby counter or mobile advertising stand. By placing a branded imprint on it, the advertising box supports the promotion of products and services, e.g.: in the office, at cinema, in a hotel, during trade fairs and events.

Depending on its intended use, a variety of products can be placed inside. In the case of the advertising box, these are most often sweets, samples and gadgets, however, the Display Box is also a collective cardboard box for products that we want to have on hand: sugar in sachets, wooden stir sticks, coffee capsules.

You will also find decorative branded cardboard boxes gift boxes and promotional packaging in the checkout area and on the shop shelves. The Display Box allows you to attractively display your product range, to divide up space, and at the same time the graphics on it can be an excellent idea for your advertising. A printed box can contain a promotional slogan, logo or information about a current promotion.

How do I design graphics for branded cardboard boxes and promotional packaging?

The print gives you the opportunity to adapt the gift box to its final destination or the place where it will be displayed. When designing graphics, keep in mind: matching the message to the recipient, consistency of the graphics with the visual communication of the company, the structural elements of the box – the drawer – should also be taken into account so that the printed message is certainly legible.

Once the Display Box is open, the relevant elements would be invisible, so they should not be in the area where the drawer opens.

Graphics are an important element, as they are what draws our customers’ attention to our product. Our decorative gift boxes are made on white – white cardboard, so that the colours are saturated and the graphics show off all the smallest details.

5 reasons to choose branded cardboard boxes Display Box

  1. Our product packaging is an excellent idea for promoting your company
  2. Perfect for displaying your products or using as gift packaging
  3. Thanks to the drawer, you can display your products in an attractive way
  4. While using the space inside the packaging, you increase the area on which you can place your promotional slogans, product information or Christmas wishes
  5. Can be used as a countertop display or can be placed on a desk or counter top

Branded cardboard boxes – Display Box – in two variants

We offer Display Boxes in two size variants 13 x 12 x 15 cm (L02072) and 19 x 14 x 25 cm (L02073). The decorative gift boxes differ in size.

Order a Display Box at an attractive price

Each box can be personalised according to your needs. The Display Boxes have excellent print quality, are precisely finished and have an attractive and competitive price. In addition, we offer quantity discounts for larger orders.

Wondering which decorative packaging would be suitable? Feel free to contact our qualified sales advisors.

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