Plaque engraving

Engraved plate

Intended use

interior design item, outdoor, indoor, signboards


Illuminated: transparent plexiglass, non-illuminated: dibond/plexi/hard PCV/Hips

Lighting method

edge lighting


standard – White, RGBT colours available on request

Light colour

6500 – 7500 K

Sides colour

black / colours of RAL colour system


min.: 20 x 20 cm, max.: 300 x 200 cm

IP Ratings

IP64, IP67


we install the spacers in the drilled holes


the possibility of using different lighting colours and the flashing effect

Important information

The product is priced individually

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Advertising, engraved plate signs are an illuminated form of advertising, information and decoration. They can be used to mark buildings, offices or as nameplates. They work well in both outdoor and indoor displays. They are a great way to make an elegant addition or finishing touch to a café, restaurant, home or office, but are also a gift idea. The engraved sign can also be illuminated from behind for a unique visual effect in the evening. It will fit perfectly into any interior.

How are engraved plate signs made?

Engraved plate signs are made on plexiglas, they can also be combined with dibond. A milling type engraving is made on the surface, i.e. an indentation of various depths and shapes. The function of our engraved plate depends on its intended use. We can put a name, a company name, a logo or an abstract composition on it, animal shapes, buildings, whatever we need.

Engraved plate can also be illuminated on the sides to achieve a so-called light-drawing effect. The milled elements refract the light onto themselves and become more visible and clear. This solution is very aesthetically pleasing and elegant. Panels made in this way are tasteful and give the interior a sophisticated look. It is also possible to produce engraved boards in a non-illuminated option.

Advertising, engraved plate signs – design and size

When choosing the size of a signboard, it is important to consider its location and purpose. If it is to function as an information sign or to mark a specific location its dimensions will not be large. The minimum size we can realise is 20 × 20 cm, the maximum in one part is 300 x 200 cm.

Signboards, engraved plate – mounting

The assembly of advertising signs, engraved is not difficult. The product is supplied with pre-drilled mounting holes, where distances are mounted, with which it is attached to the wall. For the free-standing option, the sign is supplied on a base. It is also possible to suspend the engraved advertising sign directly from the ceiling.