Wallstick eco

Adhesive fabric

Intended use

Extensive range – for storefronts, fair structures, decorations


315 gr/m²

Printing technology

Dedicated technology: Latex HP



Maximum width

320 cm


lightweight, reusable, durable, resistant to tears and wear, tested on glass and varnished surfaces (not suitable as wallpaper)

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Wallstick eco is a self-adhesive film friendly to the environment. The protective fabric in the back of the material is fully recyclable as it is made in 100% of ecological polyester. Adhesive fabric can be personalised, which means it can fulfil various functions.

Adhesive fabric with various uses

A printed wallstick eco will be perfect for fair exhibits, storefront windows, decorations, temporary advertising decals, or branding in car dealerships. The personalisation process is conducted with involvement of the economically friendly latex technology and the colours are highly saturated.

Adhesive fabric as a reusable product

The Wallstick eco fabric will let you enjoy a beautiful design on various media. This material can be also reused multiple times, which is its biggest advantage. Both application and removal are very easy, which means that the advertisement can be used in various locations. This is an excellent way to cover up your stands during fairs, which turns the adhesive fabric into an economic marketing solution. Wallstick is a durable material and when you want to apply it, you just need to peel the protective film off and stick the fabric to the chosen surface. In order to make the material recyclable, it was deprived of any PVC additives, which makes it less durable than the non-ecological version. Like other ecological materials, adhesive fabric is designed for short-term advertising and constitutes a response to the pace of changes in marketing campaigns.

Adhesive fabric in short-term advertising

The use of Wallstick eco eliminates the problem of advertisement disposal. When the exhibit is over, the products can be recycled, which means that they are environmentally friendly. The printing inks are also ecological. Adhesive fabric is designed for indoor and also short outdoor use, which makes it great for companies, which change advertisements frequently. The current marketing environment focuses on the continuous development and promotion of new campaigns, which means that adhesive fabric is suitable for the current needs of the advertising industry. Please see other environmentally friendly products in our offer.