Hips board

Printing technology


Board format

1,00 m x 2,00 m, 2,05 m x 3,05 m


1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size


the material can be successfully printed on both sides

Intended use

advertising coffers, fair stands, signboards

Average price: 11,00

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Printed Hips board – examples of applications

Hips board is a light and thin, yet strong material. It is used to create advertising and information products as well as complex spatial forms. Hips itself is also known as high-impact polystyrene. Hips board is used in marketing, decoration, food and industry. Printed Hips board is most often seen in shops and retail outlets in the form of promotional posters, displays or coasters. Due to its light weight, Hips board is often used as a substrate for printed signs, pictures, boards. Large-format advertising and information products require durability of both the material and the print itself. It is important that they attract the attention of customers and do not lose their quality for a long time, which is why it is worth using high-impact polystyrene for their manufacture. Hips board is also used as a structural element in the production of luminous advertising, most often for the production of illuminated light boxes. The material is also excellent as a decorative and structural element for stands and spatial forms at various fairs and exhibitions.

Hips board with permanent print

Hips sheets are available in RAL colours or can be printed with any graphics. The print is applied directly onto the board or onto foil, which is then glued onto the Hips. Additionally, to prolong the durability of the print, it is possible to cover the surface with a laminate. Hips can be printed on both sides. Most often, the graphics printed on the boards include a logo, an advertising slogan, a graphic with a promoted product or service. When creating the design, it is crucial to remember that important elements should be offset from the edge of the board. The board itself is easy to work with – it can be cut to any shape, thus achieving an original advertising effect.

Printed Hips in the Labo Print range

Hips is a modified polystyrene created by adding butadiene rubber to it. We have boards in thicknesses of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and dimensions of 1 x 2 m and 2.05 x 3.05 m. Feel free to contact our sales team for more information.