Aluminium frame ZEN Backlight 120

Profil aluminium

Intended use

illuminated wall frame, possibility to put two layers of material – 3D effect

Thickness of the profile

12 cm

Profile weight

2,000 kg/mb


aluminium profile


backlit polyester

Frame colour

RAL Classic colour palette – for an extra charge, silver anodized

Set includes

angle brackets, cable with plug, LED lighting, profile, stabilising profile with connectors (applies to 3.0 x 2.0 m and larger formats), transformers

Finish of material

Silicone keder 14 x 3 mm


easy installation, quick graphics replacement, reusable design

Important information

The quoted price is for a frame size 0,70 x 1,45 m. For a quote for a different frame size, please contact our sales department.


Write to our sales department

ZEN Backlight 120 aluminium profile

ZEN backlit profil aluminium are made of aluminium profiles and are used to present graphics printed on textile material. They are indoor advertising displays or aluminium systems with backlighting. Our illuminated frames are characterised by high quality and aesthetic appearance, the possibility of choosing any size and printing any graphics, as well as ease of installation. What is the application of this type of frame? They perfectly complement interior decoration and allow advertising graphics to be presented in an elegant manner.

ZEN illuminated profil aluminium with your graphics

When ordering a complete illuminated profil aluminium from us, you will receive a printout of your artwork on fabric. We can print any graphic you like, you just need to provide us with a prepared file for printing. Personalisation in terms of dimensions and graphics makes backlit frames suitable for all kinds of rooms, both as decorative elements and advertising media. Personalised ZEN frames are the ideal solution to complement your interior, whether you want to print and hang photos, collages, drawings, advertising graphics, logos or promotional, motivational and instructional slogans on your wall.

Backlit profil aluminium ZEN Backlight 120 – construction and installation

ZEN Backlight 120 profil aluminium are primarily constructed from 120 mm deep aluminium profiles with a special slot for mounting the fabric. Backlight frames are supplied in parts, with angle mounting brackets attached to the aluminium profiles cut to size and, if necessary, fasteners to enable them to be screwed together. For larger frames, stabilising profiles are included in addition. Everything is screwed together using an Allen key and the supplied components. Assembly is very simple and can be done by one person. Inside the frame, LED edge lights are mounted along the profiles to illuminate the graphics from behind. The graphic, printed on textile material, is placed on the frame by sliding its edges into the slots in the profiles. It is worth noting that the frame is reusable – it can be used with different prints, which can be replaced very easily without the need to dismantle the frame. You can hang the whole frame together with the graphic anywhere on the wall.

Wide application of ZEN aluminium profile

ZEN illuminated profils aluminium are suitable for all kinds of rooms as a decorative element and advertising medium at the same time. Any size, personalised graphics, high quality and appropriately selected lighting make our frames applicable in many sectors. They can be found in shops on walls, as well as in shop windows, in various types of galleries, beauty salons or in waiting rooms and receptions of exclusive hotel and SPA facilities. They will successfully decorate the interior of a beauty salon, café, restaurant, office space or conference room. The illuminated frames will prove their worth in interiors, whether you place motifs representing your company and brand or decorative graphics in the frame.